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I'm Samantha Flanders. I am a 20 year old student, and I also works full time at Beck. I have currently just found my passion for sewing like my mom, who owns "You Are Special Patterns" and "The Olde Country Cupboard". I have just taken over my moms "Sami Stitchery" pattern line. I am now designing those stitchery patterns and managing the business. My "Southern Belle Scentz" line includes Soy Tarts, handmade aprons, stitcherys, and patterns, as many more things as time permits.

ebay ID: SouthernBelleScentz


Samantha Flanders
Southern Belle Scentz
390 Whisper Ridge Drive
St Augustine, FL 32092
ph/ 904-364-7593
email: southernbellescentz@live.com 

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